This Dymaxion replica will be the weirdest thing at Amelia…

Bucky Fuller was a man ahead of his time… Known mostly for his Dymaxion "Dwelling Machine," a spaceship-looking house intended for mass-production, he also dabbled in poetry, art, math, sailing, and, of course, automobile design. His one major foray into the automotive world, the Dymaxion Car, seems to combine all his… » 2/26/15 3:51pm 2/26/15 3:51pm

This Hollywood starlet’s gruesome death changed the highway forever

Jayne Mansfield was on her way to becoming THE bombshell of the 60s, having already achieved success as an actress, singer, and even a Playboy Playmate. Sadly, her life would end tragically on a highway outside Biloxi, but it would save thousands more... » 10/09/14 10:46am 10/09/14 10:46am

This is the coolest drag race event in America

Every now and then you miss a weekend event so epic you’re actually mad about it on Monday. That’s where I am today... seething for not going to The Race of Gentlemen. This past weekend the Oilers CC invited a select group of gentlemen and their pre-war (20s-30s) cars and motorcycles to race on New Jersey’s Wildwood… » 10/06/14 8:01pm 10/06/14 8:01pm

College kids aim to break the World’s Fastest Indian record

While the 1960s saw plenty of action from American LSR legends like Craig Breedlove, Mickey Thompson, and Art Arfons, it was a friendly older gentleman from New Zealand, Burt Munro with an old (heavily modified) Indiana motorcycle that stole everyone's hearts. Even folks unfamiliar with LSR racing saw the movie » 9/11/14 4:24pm 9/11/14 4:24pm

These two crazy Germans just drove a MINI Cooper AROUND THE WORLD

Meet Fritz Fritz Kreis and Thomas Fuerst, two insane Germans who just drove their MINI Cooper east from Heidelberg, Germany to New York City. If you thought that last coast-to-coast trip you took was pretty epic, you have now been officially one-upped… » 8/13/14 9:04am 8/13/14 9:04am

Please stop sharing this decade-old bullshit barn-find story

Nearly a decade ago some ass-hat created the most absurd of all barn-find stories, and seven years later this bogus story is still popping up on my Facebook feed… Enough is enough. This whole freakin' story got straightened out years ago, but still... still... I see this crap being shared around... Just this week this… » 6/23/14 3:02pm 6/23/14 3:02pm

Meet the world's fastest hot tub: the Carpool DeVille

It all started in 1996 with a group of McMaster University engineering students, some heavy drinking, an abandoned Chevy Malibu, and a crazy idea. The next morning the power tools were out to turn the Malibu into a drivable hot tub dubbed, "the Carpool," and today they're attempting to set the land speed record for… » 6/19/14 3:45pm 6/19/14 3:45pm

This hail storm made a car dealership its bitch

Next time you piss and moan about that door ding you got at the mall pull these pictures back up and remember it could be worse... The photos are from a car dealership in Blair, NE that was on receiving end of Mother Nature's wrath on June 3rd, and they're just incredible… » 6/09/14 9:01am 6/09/14 9:01am

Willie Nelson’s bus is going “On the Road Again,” and you're invited

Smoke may once again billow from the windows of Willie Nelson's old tour bus thanks to new owners, Vintage Innovations, out of Austin, Texas. Fear not… Vintage Innovations's Michael Tashnick and Taylor Perkins aren't bogarting the bus, but instead they're offering fans the chance to rent Willie's very own… » 6/02/14 7:20pm 6/02/14 7:20pm

When you’re a badass IndyCar driver your senior prom comes to you

Sage Karam isn't your average high school senior… His extracurricular activity is being a freaking IndyCar driver. So, of course, he missed his high school's prom because he was busy going 240 MPH around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but his team decided every high schooler should get their own prom… So they threw him… » 5/23/14 11:06am 5/23/14 11:06am

The tale of a nitrous huffing cult leader and his 93 Rolls Royces

When cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh fled India (after his cult got a nasty reputation for prostitution and drug running) and landed in our great land of opportunity, he bought his first Rolls Royce. It would be the beginning of the ridiculous rise and fall of the Rajneesh cult resulting in an unheard of collection… » 5/12/14 12:02pm 5/12/14 12:02pm

Happy Mothers Day to the 5 Greatest Moms of Modern Motorsports

This weekend we all take a moment to thank the women that gave us life and at least half of our weird, bizarre traits and quirks. Despite motor sports being a mostly boys club, hundreds of women have raced with the boys or took positions of power. A few even found time to make a baby or two, so today we salute you,… » 5/11/14 1:50pm 5/11/14 1:50pm

This artist intentionally destroyed a collection of rare vintage cars

Classic cars rotting in the woods have become a real fascination these days. From American Pickers to Junkyard Gold, it's all over the television. If you're a car lover, part of you dies every time you see a once beautiful machine decaying in a field somewhere, but what if you knew one man purposely abandoned a… » 5/08/14 5:36pm 5/08/14 5:36pm

Man convinces wife he's bought a real Disney World Monorail

If you went to Disney World as a child you remember riding the monorail in amazement. So sleek. So fast. So cool. Well maybe that's what inspired Car Talk guest blogger Ian Chillag to tell his wife he purchased the $189,000 monorail for their family wagon over a Subaru Forester. The conversation is pretty fantastic as… » 5/08/14 5:28pm 5/08/14 5:28pm